Why Log? [Security Weekly #477]

The last segment of Security Weekly #477 featured an interview between Paul and Alex Horan on SAP security. Setting up the conversation, Alex says the following about logging (at 1:41:39): Now we’re seeing with more modern installations that logging is enabled. It’s not a negative. It’s not a drain at all. What’s missing “what level of detail […]

3D XPoint Memory [Security Now #573]

Steve Gibson got into a technical segment at the end of this week’s Security Now about 3D XPoint Memory, in development as a collaboration between Intel and Micron, and it sounds super cool. The promise of being fast, non-volatile, and cheap? Of course! Lots of interesting things to read about it from Intel, Intel, Computer […]

What Is Security Research [DtSR #206]

The episode 206 features Down the Security Rabbithole crew talking with Steve Christey Coley from MITRE, and the conversation settles in on a theme DtSR has hit on before, the need to define “security research”. I’m completely with them on this one. Especially as people are trying to go after such terrible laws as DMCA, the industry […]