What’s on the playlist?

The best: Risky Business

If you only listen to one podcast on Info Sec, it should be Risky Business hosted by Patrick Gray. The news is informative. The feature interview is typically fascinating. And the sponsor interviews are paid for, but not just commercials, and typically cover interesting trends. Runs about an hour weekly.

Rest of Top 4

Next tier

  • Brakeing Down Security
  • Defensive Security
  • Down the Secuirty Rabbithole (DtSR)
  • Enterprise Security Weekly
  • Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast
  • The Social Engineer Podcast
  • The Southern Fried Security Podcast
  • Windows Weekly

Other’s with infrequent Updates

  • ASIS Security Management
  • CERT’s Podcast Series: Security for Business Leaders
  • Cigital – The Silver Bullet Security Podcast
  • Code Podcast
  • Crypto-Gram Secuirty Podcast
  • In-Security
  • Security Conversations